who are the best chefs in the world ?

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Gordon James Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay is a legendary character in the culinary world and he is a high profiled English chef. He’s a British chef, one of the most recognized and painstaking on the cooking field. He’s renowned for his intense character, and his unusual skill for food that makes him stand out from the others. From his timeless desire to be a footballer, destiny plotted differently for this cooking wizard who turned to becoming a chef right after being seriously injured during football. The sole chef in the United Kingdom that acquired 10 Michelin Stars (today he has 14) , this guy works magic in his cuisine. He goes beyond cuisines to provide the most delicious foods to his consumers. With shows on Tv such as Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare, Hell’s Kitchen, as well as Master chef USA, this guy has been successful just like his mentor Marco Pierre White. He cooked his own way and get top into the list.

Charlie Trotter
Charlie Trotter, an American chef from Chicago, is the founding father of the popular cooking program, “The MasterChef”. He’s a restaurateur, a tv star as well as an author. In spite of getting a college degree in Political Science, he discovered the love for food. Having fourteen recipe books and three management books he’s among the most recognized writers who definitely are chefs. Affiliated with Charlie Trotter Culinary Education Organization, this guy thinks that food isn’t just passion, it’s love – and everybody is worthy of it.

Seiji Yamamoto, Nihonryori Ryugin, (Japon)

Seiji Yamamoto is one of today's top Japanese chefs, with 3 Michelin stars. Guarantor of the tradition and cook of his time, Seiji perpetuates the great Japanese culinary tradition.

Alain Ducasse, Louis XV Alain Ducasse, (Monaco)

The Tsar of French gastronomy. Alain Ducasse is the three-star chef, father of a long line of cooks. He obtained his three Michelin stars with Le Louis XV at the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo (in 1990), Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athenee in Paris (in 1997) and Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester in London (in 2010). Alain Ducasse said "A great restaurant is not just about customers and nice cars. Behind there is rigor, passion, love of work well done, discipline and the transmission of knowledge. "
Sanjeev Kapoor
Sanjeev Kapoor is an Indian chef as well as a businessman. He’s also a recipe book writer, a restaurant specialist as well as a tv host. Sanjeev is among the most famous Indian chefs, and he has created tv programs such as “Khana Khazana”, which can be regarded as the longest cooking running shows in Asia. He has started a Food Channel in HD in 2011, that was only centered on food. The Singapore Airlines have hired him as part of its International Culinary Panel. Just lately, he became the judge in the cooking competitive show “MasterChef Season 3”.

Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver is an English chef as well as a restaurateur. He’s most widely known for his distinctive culinary tv shows that essentially center on organic food production and cooking. He’s up against ready-made food and emphasizes in fresh and 100% natural ingredients. He’s renowned for numerous International repertoire. His own recipe books and television shows had been a great success throughout the UK. His book, “Jamie’s 30 Minute Meal” sold over million of copies in the United Kingdom in the year 2010. Oliver also is awarded an MBE and his popular food show is called the “Food Revolution”.

Marco Pierre White
Marco Pierre White, a British star chef, restaurateur as well as a tv figure makes his greatest contribution to modern International cuisine and considered to be the Godfather of contemporary cuisine. He was named as the 1st celebrity chef. White made a picture by being the youngest to get three Michelin stars at the time he was 33. He became a judge on the popular cooking competitive show, “The Master Chef Australia: Professionals”. Do you know what sets him away from each other? His idea that sharing is how you gain and so he properly trained names like Gordon Ramsay as well as Curtis Stone who praise him for his character.
Martin Berasategui, Restaurant Martin Berasateguy, (Lasarte Oria, Espagne)
Martin Berasategui is a renowned Basque-Spanish cook. Chef Martín Berasategui has created a kind of culinary temple of his restaurant in a Basque Country, near one of the pilgrims' paths of Compostela. Among his creations we can distinguish between sautéed black garlic and beetroot ceviche.
Benoît Violier, Hôtel de Ville Crissier, (Suisse)

Benoît Violier was a Franco-Swiss chef. Its restaurant has been awarded the title of "cook of the year" 2013 by the gastronomic guide Gault et Millau.

Joan Roca, El Celler de Can Roca, (Gérone, en Catalogne, Espagne)
In 2013 he will be ranked the best restaurant in the world, and second best restaurant in 2014. Chef Joan Roca manages and manages his restaurant with his two younger brothers, Josep who is a sommelier and Jordi Roca, the pastry chef. Together, they aim to create an extraordinary epicurean experience for every stay.