Which seasonal fruits and vegetables in May?



The cherry season begins and continues until June. This fruit has a short season so we do not let it go and we enjoy it as long as it is available. His advantages ? Diuretic and source of vitamin B9 (cellular renewal of the skin) and C (antioxidant action), it is chewed without excess since it is also rich in sugars.

The lettuce

In May, we put everything on lettuce, available until July. In the kitchen, one prefers his soft heart, simply seasoned, which is self-sufficient. Like other fresh salads, it is ultra-light (13.6 kcal / 100g), and brings freshness to the plate.


Traditionally, we cook the watercress in soup, totally mixed, but we can also serve it fresh as a small salad, as soon as the sunny days come. Fresh and light with 21.2 kcal / 100g, watercress alone is never served, and its intense and slightly bitter flavor is tempered by other fresh salads with a softer taste such as redness, lettuce, batavia, romaine , chews but also spinach shoots.

Strawberry mara des bois

The strawberry "mara des bois" arrives on the stalls in May and until the end of July. As for other varieties, this round strawberry is light (28.5 kcal / 100g) and rich in vitamin C. In high season, we enjoy its ultra-sweet and scented flavor to serve alone. Ideal for those who want to have fun without feeling guilty.

Fresh herbs

In May, it is the season of fresh herbs: tarragon, basil, parsley, dill, coriander, mint, sorrel, chives, chervil, sage, lemon thyme, or verbena. Rich in vitamin C (parsley, sorrel), A (basil) and B9 (chervil), good for the skin and the immune system, fresh herbs give flavor and depth to dishes and desserts, while being easy to use. to cook.


The French cucumber ultra-simple to cook, begins to arrive on the stalls. We love its crunchy and fresh side, ideal for sunny days. Accompanied by avocado, Paris mushrooms, tomato, or salad, it regales us all in lightness (12 kcal / 100g).

beef heart tomato

A mythical vegetable that appeals to all, the beef heart tomato is a must-have for sunny days. In cooked or raw version, it is full of vitamins C, effective against fatigue, while enjoying its lightness (16.2 kcal / 100g).

Multicolored radishes

For some time there have been little round radishes (yellow, green, orange, red, pink, but also black with a white interior), sold in a bunch, which have exactly the same shape as the classic red radish, and which the color on the plate. With a season that runs from May to the end of September, we love the peppery flavor of radish, its simplicity of use but also its vitamins and its lightness (13.1 kcal / 100g).