Which country has the best food?

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

We choose for you the 10 best cuisines in the world

1- Morocco

Only two hours by plane from LONDON, Morocco is one of the richest culinary heritage countries. Rich because of its history, but also its mixture of cultures, since its cuisine is inspired by the ancient know-how of the Berber populations, but also Arab and African. It is from this mix that a cuisine as financially accessible as rich in spices and flavors was born. Between the simmered dishes that we know all too well on the other side of the Mediterranean (starting with couscous and tajine), Morocco also surprises with its cooked or raw salads that accompany each meal and refresh the palate.


It is also its sweet and savory associations that are so appealing: the cinnamon touches in the meat or fish dishes, the honey and dried fruits that adorn the tajines, but also its extremely varied pastry, in which one always finds perfumes of honey, orange blossom, and pistachio.

To finish convincing you, Marrakech is known as the first gastronomic destination in the world. All the more reason to taste its colorful and fragrant cuisine

vegetables couscous


Peru has won the non-stop prize since 2012 and with good reason. The culinary wealth of the country began to make itself known in the early 2000s, where passion has little weight to give in to Europe and the United States. So we have the food of the ceviche, but we also have a mixture of pasta, a preparation of slightly spicy broth, papas rellenas, or mashed potatoes, meat leftovers and stoves, fish with all the sauces and the dishes are generally very healthy, very varied and delicious. The Peruvians are also very proud of their gastronomy and they are right: it is also there that we find the best empanadas,.


It is difficult to talk about cooking in the world without immediately mentioning that of Japan. As healthy and balanced as codified and refined, traditional Japanese gastronomy is unknown to the French. A typical dish is always soup and rice with vegetables, fish or meat.If we all know sushi, Japan is not just small bites of sticky rice and raw fish. The ramen is indeed the true emblem of the country of the rising sun. This noodle soup is particularly difficult to prepare because its secret lies in a broth of meat, vegetables or fish that can simmer for hours. One of the best cuisines to eat well without excess.


Indian cuisine has been elevated to the rank of art. Very old and extremely refined, India has indeed an immense culinary heritage, enriched by the size of its territory and the diversity of the soils, each having its recipe of curry or its own mixture of spices. It is indeed the latter that bring all their richness to Indian dishes. Roasted before being crushed with mortar, they are a dish of meat or vegetarian, and marry perfectly with fresh herbs and a coconut milk or yogurt sauce to refresh the palate. Vegetarians love this gastronomic destination where there is a huge diversity of vegetables and dried fruits. From dhal lentil to aloo gobi (roasted vegetables returned to spices), there will be for all food preferences.


Lebanese cuisine is also very famous around the world. Appreciated for its epicurean side and its sense of sharing (mezzes being a great way to taste everything with family or friends), she is also very rich. Meat occupies a prominent place (especially lamb), but is always accompanied by raw vegetables, cereals (especially wheat and rice) and fresh cheese or yoghurt sauce. Vegetarians will also appreciate the many vegetable condiments (such as hummus or mutton), and meatless dishes such as falafel or moussaka. To digest after a dish rich in flavors, both fresh and spicy, you can relax at the table smoking hookah, or finishing your meal with a Lebanese coffee, black and full-bodied, or white, fragrant with the flower of orange.


Who says giant territory says infinite variety of recipes proposed. From Cantonese dim sum to Cantonese duck, to thousands of dishes that are totally unknown to the lack of a Chinese food offer in France fairly standardized, China offers a lot of flavors to who wants to discover - and I'm not afraid to order stuff without really knowing what's in it about the fact that it does not read sinograms. Special mention for Uygur cuisine, absolutely phenomenal


For years, French supremacy in gastronomy has been indisputable. The variety of our terroirs, the general French passion for food and the quality of our best-known dishes, from sauerkraut confit and bouillabaisse to Burgundy fondue, have made the fine days of world gastronomic criticism. Now disputed, France is still a major player in world gastronomy and its recipes are widely copied in the world. And it is true that we eat well in France, relatively healthy products, especially as the hexagon is still fairly spared by junk food - not that much, but compared to other countries in the world, there There is no picture.


Celebrated throughout the world, Italy is certainly THE country of gastronomy. Rich in vegetables and flavors (simmered or raw), Italian cuisine is first and foremost regional cuisine, inspired by traditions handed down from generation to generation, from the Roman Empire. If everyone knows the pasta and pizza dishes that we envy our Italian neighbors, Italians are also fond of meat dishes in sauce (such as osso bucco), soups of light and balanced vegetables (like minestrone) and fresh fish dishes, accompanied by a drizzle of olive oil and grilled vegetables. THE ITALIAN KITCHEN IS FIRST OF ALL A REGIONAL KITCHEN, WHICH IS INSPIRED OF TRANSMITTED TRADITIONS OF GENERATION IN GENERATION Italian cuisine is also and above all regional quality products: legendary mature cheeses, a charcuterie known throughout the world (pancetta, bresaola, mortadella or parma ham), sun-soaked tomatoes, an extra-virgin olive oil, and a refined balsamic vinegar. Lovers of sweetness will not be left behind with many popular desserts such as tiramisu or lemon pie, all accompanied by an intense ristretto (to drink at the counter).


Thai pad, green curry, tiger tears, red curry or Laam: Thai food is a killer. An absolute killing. Often very spicy, very receptive to Laotian and Chinese influences, Thai cuisine is one of the things that make the most fun when you travel in Thailand (with the beautiful scenery, beautiful temples and nice people ah and also that it costs almost nothing on site). I'm Thai right now in Asia.


The Algerian Cuisine is undoubtedly as diversified as its population. Traditional recipes have not aged, and are always cooked in homes. Algerians are proud of this heritage that has never been lost. So proud that each region prides itself on having the best dish, or the best products. Can we really choose a kitchen to represent the whole country. Which dish is the most unanimous in Algeria? The answer is at the bottom of the Algerian pots ... or almost.