Top 10 anti fatigue foods!

Do you feel tired right now? Discover the 10 great foods that will boost you and give you a boost.

Ginseng tea

Ginseng is a fat-burning plant. It is also ideal if you experience both fatigue and stress.

Ginger tea

Drink ginger tea to regain energy.

The kiwi

A kiwi has more vitamins C than orange, or apple.True energy booster, it is to consume without moderation!

Citrus fruits

Assailed by fatigue and cold, we put on citrus to fill up with vitamin C, the deficiency is often associated with fatigue.

Oily fish

Salmon and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They also contain vitamin B2, helping to protect cells against free radicals and normal functioning of the nervous system. These fish are particularly popular in the form of sushi.


Magnesium in spinach contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system. Little trick: to keep all the spinach's nutrients, steam it instead of boiling it.


Dark chocolate is good for morale and health, especially the heart. It is rich in magnesium and also contains substances with psychoactive virtues, particularly beneficial in case of "slack"

Whole grains

Wholegrain cereals are good assets for your daily shape thanks to their richness in minerals, trace elements, vitamins, proteins and fibers.

Parsley and garlic

Fresh parsley and garlic are good for your dishes. They will enhance the taste while bringing you energy, vitamins, trace elements and minerals.


Seafood (oysters, whelks, periwinkles, etc.) is a mine of vitamins and minerals. They can give a boost to boost your energy and fight against fatigue.