The top 10 most expensive foods in the world

It is possible to find luxury everywhere, even in food. Here are the top 10 most expensive foods in the world whose prices can reach phenomenal amounts!

Kopi Luwak

This is not a simple coffee! This coffee from the Indonesian archipelago is the most expensive in the world. Its price is around 1000 dollars per kilo! Why ? Simply because this exceptional coffee is swallowed by an Asian animal and once digested is collected in the excrement. Not very ragoûtant! but extremely rare! Because this passage in the digestive system of the beast will ferment coffee and give it an exceptional taste. We agree, it's expensive the little black!


This exceptional orange spice is not within the reach of all budgets! And for good reason, it can be around 1500 euros per kilo. Its weight is explained by its rarity and by the work of patience that requires its harvest, manually. To harvest 1 kilo, it takes 400 hours of work and more than 150,000 flowers. Fortunately, it only takes a few grams to sublimate food in the kitchen. Great chefs use it to marry it with fish or chocolate!

Almas caviar

Of course, caviar is one of the delicacies that has the reputation of being expensive. Caviar, vodka, the divine alliance of aromas. There are different types of caviars. Among the most famous, is the Almas, that is to say diamond because of its white color, translucent and brilliant. An exceptional caviar that comes from an albino sturgeon and whose price can go up to 18300 euros per kilo! All served in a golden box. The must of elegance. Hey, that's expensive bread. You will content yourself with tamara.

The Wine

We can not talk about gastronomy without evoking the wine that sublimates the dishes. Certainly, there are many prestigious wines and cuvées.
But at an auction, a batch of 12 bottles of Mouton Rotschild found a buyer for the modest sum of 228,000 euros or an average of 23,000 euros per bottle. A trifle! to savor in moderation.

Densuke watermelon

If for you, watermelon is synonymous with fruit of the summer, inexpensive (on average 3 euros per kilo), well you may be surprised. In Japan, watermelon is scarce and very expensive. There is a variety of watermelons named Dentsuke with black skin and rough crust grown only on the Japanese island of Hokkaido or about 60 to 65 watermelons each year. Hence its high price of up to 1000 euros per kilo!

Yubari melon

Let's stay in the summer fruits with the Yubari melon, fruit of the cross of many varieties of seeds. Knowing that in 2008, a pair of this variety was sold for $ 22,872. Praised with love, these luxury melons have a sweet and refreshing taste. On average, these luxury melons cost 30 euros each but sold at auction, they reach exorbitant prices (up to 1000 euros a lot of two melons!)

The beef of Kobe

It is a particular beef breed. Raised in Japan, the animal is entitled to shock treatment and care so that its flesh is the best and therefore the most expensive. Imagine beef fed with beer, listening to music and massaging sake! No wonder this pastry lifestyle is expensive! Count $ 2800 the high-end treatment.

The white truffle of Alba

Who knows the fame of the truffle, this succulent mushroom that perfumes all dishes! A delight indeed, but which has a price. If the most common truffle is black, there is another type: the white truffle of Alba in Italy. A rare luxury food. His particuliarity ? its wild garlic fragrance. To be able to taste this delicious food, it is necessary to count 2500 euros per kilo

The Matsutake mushroom

Matsutake mushrooms or pine mushrooms (because it grows under this tree) has a unique flavor that immediately scents your other foods.
Very rare, he is considered the king of mushrooms. Count 2000 dollars per kilo. It's expensive fried!


The chocolate bar? It's not refined enough. And it's a little stingy. If you want to surprise your guests, you will have to invest in chocolate Knipschildt, name of the Danish chocolate maker installed in the United States. The latter has created the Madeline truffles, a real truffle coated with dark chocolate Valrhona, for the modest sum of 180 euros per 50 grams or 3600 euros per kilo