the best street food in the world, to combine tourism and frying

Not expensive, authentic and super instagrammable ... We LOVE street food and our little finger tells us that you too! (Sisi our little finger, he knows everything). In addition to allowing us to eat well when traveling on a budget, the street food gives us the opportunity to talk with the locals and learn a little more about the local cuisine and traditions it there behind. The word "street food" covers a lot of different realities depending on the country, the region or the city where you are. To help you in your quest for foodistas, we have written this guide of the most emblematic dishes of street food that you must try absolutely! It goes from falafel in Israel to German currywurst. You will hallucinate in front of the mass of delicious dishes that can be found for less than 5 pounds . Obviously, this list is not exhaustive, (because we are morfales but hey we still have limits.). So, see it as a good starting point and do not hesitate to enrich it in the comments below!

1. Chimney cakes in Czech Republic

The Trdelník or the cake chimney is at the same time a super photogenic object and a delicious gluttony! Good ... My keskecé? This is a piece of dough that is wrapped around a wooden skewer, which is cooked on the embers then covered with icing sugar and that can be embellished with ... Nutella. YUM !!! What to warm up during a Czech afternoon a little chilly!

2. Halo Halo in the Philippines

Well, Helloooo halo halo! Definitely, one of the most unstoppable street food dishes! Halo halo could be translated as "mixture-mixture": the list of ingredients is debated but it seems that most often it consists of crushed ice, fresh fruit, ice, gummy stuff, other crisp ( a little like rice Krispies) and diluted milk. In short, a small reward well deserved after a day to mop for the little ones as the biggest children!

3.The Arepas in Colombia

This basics of Colombian cuisine can be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch or dinner, making it the most versatile dish on our list! Arepas are a kind of corn cake that is stuffed with everything you want: plantain, avocado, cheese and tomatoes! Yummy !!!

4. The currywurst in Germany

Maybe it's not the most sophisticated dish on earth but nothing like a good sausage! As soon as you land in Germany, listen only to your instinct and go in search of this traditional German dish that is, essentially, a sausage cut into pieces embedded in ketchup and curry, all accompanied by french fries. It is very tasty and especially really cheap!

5. The Banh Bao (Baozi Gold) in China

Come on, we bow to these steamed buns or "little bites" as they are called in China. The banh bao are stuffed with delicious stuff like vegetables or meat and are steamed, giving them a perfect texture, both sweet and sweet. Eating a banh bao must be closer to the sensation that one must have when one crunches in a cloud: fluffy, light and surprising!

6. The Banh Mi in Vietnam

Any good to do list special street food should mention the banh mi. Anyone who has visited Hoi An will be able to testify: it is impossible to get rid of the love story that will be born between you and the banh mi at the first bite. Must say that it is just the perfect example of what is the fusion cuisine at its best: take a good old baguette and garnish it with what Vietnam does best. A combo of all beauty!

7. Kottu Roti in Sri Lanka

You will hear it before you can even see it. Kottu Roti (which means "sliced ​​bread") is sourced from Batticaloa in eastern Sri Lanka and consists of flatbread, egg, meat and spices, all minced menu-wise using two metal blades and all that in a catchy rhythm. It's just super hypnotizing to watch and especially super satisfying to eat !!!

8. The Ceviche in Peru

One of the coolest dishes on this list and so good that it has a holiday to its glory. If you have even the smallest opportunity to taste a fresh ceviche, take your chance! This is white fish marinated in a citrus juice, spiced up with chilli and served with tortilla chips. YUMMY !!!!!

9. The hot dog of New York

In New York, there is the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and hot dogs. Or almost. Nevertheless, to experience the New York experience, it is a must to the street stand to take a hot dog mustard / fried onions / sauerkraut. Just like in movies what.

10. Falafel in Lebanon

So popular in Lebanon that it has unofficially become the national dish, although several countries are fighting over its origin. It is undoubtedly, also, the most famous vegetarian dish on the planet. But at the same time, who can resist his fried chickpea dumplings? Who, huh? WHO ?!? Let him denounce himself or die suffocated by pita bread.

11. The Baklava in Turkey

Layers and layers of puff pastry, embedded in honey and pistachios, all according to a family tradition kept secret. When eating a baklava prepare to receive your dose of sugar for the week. These delicious lozenges with the taste of paradise will be perfect to accompany a sight on the sunset falling on Istanbul.

12. Mexico ( Tacos)

Faced with the abundance of street food stalls in Mexico, it is sometimes difficult to choose what to eat. Do you want to eat a taquito (tacos rolled)? Easy to find. Do you want a burrito? You will find all over the city. Do you fancy a ceviche - sort of seafood marinade? That's not missing ... During your stay, do not miss to taste the local specialty: the elote. This very popular dish, typical of street food, consists of a corncob covered with mayonnaise, cotija - a Mexican cheese - chile (chilli) and a fresh fillet of lime juice (lime). Enjoy your meal.

13. Marrakech, Morocco

The souks of the old city of Marrakech, known as the "medina" - are the ideal place to go during the day to buy souvenirs. Once the sun sets, these places are filled with stalls where you can buy couscous, kebabs, roast lamb and many other dishes ... You may have the opportunity to admire a charmer of snakes, artists or even tarot card readers in action. Make your trip a real adventure.

14. The Thai Pad in Thailand

You can enjoy excellent Thai Pad everywhere in Thailand. If I say "street food", I put my hand to cut that you will quote me this delicious and very nourishing Thai dish at the top of the list! The most fascinating thing about all this is that it's not even a traditional Thai recipe ... hey, wok stir-fried noodles are more of a Chinese thing, but it's not serious, once in Thailand you are just obliged (YES, O-BLI-GES) to eat at least once.

15. Masala Dosa in India

The masala dosa is native to the southern states of India, and is usually served with sambar (a kind of very thick soup) and chutney. It's cheap, fast and very energetic. Perfect for travelers on departure.