The 6 most powerful natural aphrodisiacs!

Men and women have always looked for ingredients that can play on excitement, even love. Although we now know that love filters do not exist, some foods do have a physiological impact that can stimulate desire. Some are far less exotic than you might think!


"Why chocolate? Will you say to me! Well, it's thanks to the L-arginine it contains, an amino acid with a vasodilating effect, Mister and Madame will be excited more easily. Chocolate would also play a role in the production of endorphins, the hormones of pleasure!


Few people know this, but beyond the phallic symbol, asparagus helps produce testosterone, a key hormone in the sexual act, in men and women alike. It is also rich in vitamin E, which allows good blood circulation.


Seafood in general is a good sex stimulant because of its iodine and phosphorus content. The oyster however remains the best aphrodisiac, with a high intake of zinc, a trace element stimulating the production of testosterone.


Clove is the most powerful natural aphrodisiac because it causes an increase in blood flow and thus allows a more powerful erection and an increase in the senses of the partners.


Ginseng improves erection by improving the synthesis of Nitric Oxide, a powerful vasodilator and therefore promotes better blood flow. It also promotes relaxation and relaxation and increases sperm quality, ovulation period and is excellent against infertility.


Thanks to one of its components: the gingerol, it causes a better blood circulation and would increase the number of spermatozoa! It was used by the Chinese emperors to satisfy all their concubines.