Mtewem: Meatballs Minced with Garlic in Red Sauce

Mtewem or Mtawam

is a typical Algerian meat and meat dish, hahahahahah well yes no place to fresh vegetables lol. Pieces of meat and meatballs minced garlic (Thum is his name) and cumin and we add chickpeas or almonds (I added the two). This dish is prepared in white sauce or red sauce. A dish we find a lot in the Algerian festivals or on our tables of the month of Ramadan.
Mtewem: Meatballs Minced with Garlic in Red Sauce


500- 800g of pieces of meat  
300-400g minced meat  
1 head of garlic  
1 handful of chickpeas or almonds or a mixture of both
  1/2 cac cumin  
1/2 cac cinnamon
  Salt and black pepper  
1/2 case of pepper soup
2 cases of oil + 2 cases of butter  
1 egg


  In a pot, sauté the pieces of meat with butter and oil.  

Prepare the dersa:  

Mix 3/4 of the crushed garlic head with 1/4 cumin of cumin, red pepper, black pepper, 1/4 c of cinnamon and dilute with 2 cases of water.  
For the dersa over the meat and let it come back for a few minutes. (10 minutes)  
Cover with water and salt.  
Add the chickpeas and almonds and cook.

  Prepare the dumplings:

  Mix the minced meat with the remaining spices, salt, black pepper and the remaining crushed garlic and 1 egg. Knead well   Form small dumplings (smaller than mine lol)   Once the meat is cooked, remove it and arrange the meatballs in the sauce.   Simmer a few minutes or until sauce is reduced

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