Chocolate fondant


I really wanted a chocolate fondant without spoiling my diet. So I took this recipe that is basically a chocolate mellow, varying the cooking time we get a flowing chocolate. The unlikely ingredient is zucchini. Do not worry, you do not feel the taste! It brings a mellow and a fondant that we do not have with butter! Enough spoken, here is my recipe for a ramekin:
-1 egg
-50g grated zucchini 82% dark chocolate slices (take the one you want, as long as it's over 70%)
-1 teaspoon of cocoa (about 5g)
-7g cornflour (about a teaspoon)
-a thin trick of honey or stevia to sweeten if your chocolate is too bitter (to adjust according to taste) Melt your chocolate first in the microwave or water bath and let cool. Add the grated zucchini (do not drip it to make it soft), egg, cocoa, cornflour, honey (or stevia) and stir well. Pour into a silicone mold or another that does not stick and bake for 12mins.
If you want a mellow, leave it up to complete cooking. There you go ! Very fast and very healthy, it is an excellent alternative to classic fondants. Again, do not worry the zucchini does not feel at all!
(by Roshealthy )