Amazing 5 recipes to prepare for Ramadan

Aych (small lead shots) with Algerian lentils

Hello everyone, today I offer you an extra good soup. She and perfect to warm up and share. Prepare it in advance and warm it up at the last moment.

Lamb tajine with prunes from Agen

A tajine with tangy flavors thanks to prunes. We love and warm, it's better.

Tajine of Kefta

A recipe for tajine kefta with eggs to travel to Morocco ... An inescapable recipe to taste this tajine rich in flavors. To warm gently and at the last moment, add the eggs

Agen chicken and prune briouates

Here are the steps in the recipe for Agen chicken and prune briouates. To serve as a starter or as part of a festive meal. You can easily freeze them

Algeria Chorba

Everything is there, it's balanced because we find vegetables, starchy foods and meat in a kind of soup. Easy to heat up and that increases the perfumes tenfold.