Updated: Dec 28, 2018

The countdown has begun for Christmas and we all know that it is the time of the year when we all stuff our faces with cakes and cookies! The holiday season is all about having a good time with our loved ones and of course, relishing all the different types of desserts but, when it comes to the Christmas cake, every other country has their own unique ways of baking and decorating it! While in general, we assume the Christmas cake to be some kind of fruitcake but, it is not the case! Not all Christmas cakes are fruitcakes, some cultures may consider rum cake as Christmas cake, some may consider sponge cake as Christmas cake, and just like that, every other culture has their own variation of the festive cake. So, in this article, we have compiled a list of 10 different types of Christmas cakes from all around the world and we are sure that after reading this, your knowledge about cakes will expand, greatly!

1. Different cakes of Christmas

2. Pan de Pascua from Chile

Despite the fact that the name ‘Pan de Pascua’ means ‘Easter bread’, this cake is a traditional Christmas cake from Chile! It is made with the fusion of fruitcake batter and rum. If you ever visit Chile during the Christmas period, you will be served with a boozy holiday coffee called ‘Cola de Mono’ and ‘Pan de Pascua’ together as a meal!

3. Galette Des Rois from France

which is filled with almond paste. Traditionally, this cake is eaten after Christmas, around the New Year, but, lately, the cake has gained so much popularity that the bakers started selling it during the whole winter season, which is why now it is considered as a Christmas cake in France! Made with layers of buttered puff pastry, filled with almond cream/paste and topped with powdered sugar, this cake has various flavours which makes it an ideal choice for relishing with the near and dear ones during the holiday season!Galette Des Rois can be referred to as a puffed pastry

4. Black Forest Cherry Cake from Germany

As the name suggests, this cake is native to a mountain range in Germany called ‘Black Forest’. It is made with layers of chocolate cake mixed with cherries and topped with cream and dark chocolates. And, Germans just can’t celebrate Christmas without this cake!

5. Revani from Turkey

Although, ‘Baklava’ is the most famous dessert from Turkey but, it is not the dessert which is enjoyed during the Christmas period in their country! Yes, they have a different dessert for the festive season, that is, ‘Revani’! It is a moist cake that is made with semolina, lemon and orange syrup. The liquid ingredients in the cake batter make the cake soft, moist and more delicious!

6. Panettone from Italy

Originally from Italy, Panettone is a cupola-shaped fruitcake which was first baked in the early 20th century and is well-loved by many European nations! This cake is nothing but a spongy fruit cake which is served with sweet wine during Christmas in Italy.

7. Mochi from Japan

Mochi is a traditional Japanese cake that is made with rice paste. The rice paste is prepared by mixing rice flour with water and the mixture is cooked well till a paste-like consistency is found. The paste is later moulded into any desired shape and decorated with powdered sugar or chocolate flakes.

8. Dundee Cake from the United Kingdom

A Dundee cake is a famous cake from the UK, which is decorated with circles of almonds. The thing that makes this fruitcake different from the other cakes of the same type is the addition of orange zest, whisky and almonds in the cake batter. The cake is well-known for its rich flavour and taste!

9. Tres Leches Cake from Mexico

Tres Leches Cake is a moist milk based cake which is traditionally served in Mexico during the Christmas. It is also very famous in the southern regions of America. Prepared with a butter-based sponge cake that is later soaked in three kinds of milk, which are, condensed, evaporated and regular, this cake is a flavourful piece of joy for the eaters!

10. Tarta de Santiago from Spain

Tarta de Santiago is originated from the northern parts of Galicia and has the most important element of a Spanish cake which is ‘almond’! Apart from that, the decoration of this cake includes a ‘St. James cross’ on top of the cake that is formed using icing sugar.