10 African specialties that you absolutely must taste

Africa is a continent rich in traditional foods that can be specific to a region (Maghreb, East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, etc.) or to a country.
Depending on the country, some dishes may be similar with different names or spellings (we chose the most common ones). And of course, recipes can vary according to family or regional traditions. Here is a small selection.

1. Attiéké

Attiéké is a traditional Ivorian dish made from cassava. It looks a little like couscous, but with a much more acidic taste. The dish is accompanied by meat or fish with vegetables and a sauce.

2. The ndole

Ndolé is a Cameroonian specialty made from leaves of the same name, and prepared with meat and / or smoked fish.

3. Le doro wat

You can not go to northern Ethiopia without tasting doro wat, which is a kind of chicken stew with a spicy sauce. The dish can be eaten alone, but is often accompanied by other ingredients such as eggs and vegetables, all on the injera, a cake made from teff flour.

4. The koshari

Koshi is a typical Egyptian dish made from chickpeas, lentil rice and vegetables. Perfect for vegetarians!


In addition to being the name of the dish, tajine is especially the container that helps cooking this Moroccan specialty. This mixture of meats and spices is a delight.

6- The Thiéboudienne

It is sometimes called "foie gras" in other West African countries, but thieb is certainly one of Senegal's most famous dishes. It is composed of rice, fish and many vegetables.

7. Couscous

We no longer present the couscous which is the most famous dish of North Africa, but where everything is played on the different preparation according to the countries. (We even say that in the real recipe, the merguez would be absent ...)

8.The chermoula

chermoula is a popular marinade in the Maghreb, composed of different spices, which is used for the preparation of fish or meat.

9.Le chakalaka

Chakalaka is a traditional South African dish, which can be compared to our ratatouille: composed of several types of vegetables and very very spicy. It can be eaten alone or accompanied by grilled meats and sausages.


Githeri is a traditional Kenyan dish made from corn, red beans and optional coconut shrimp. Yes, because this dish is usually eaten without meat or fish.